Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ships that pass in the night...

I feel like this is my current relationship with sleep. Some of this is genuinely self-inflicted, as I have seriously been over-dosing on the caffeine, after finding a new joy for this special bean. It’s also because I have a new coffee related “gadget” (I say new, I’ve had it for months and only just figured out what it’s really for) and there have been some nights I’ve needed to stay awake just that little bit longer. I'm a student, so did you really expect anything else? On the nights that have not seen me mainlining Starbucks, Costa, NescafĂ©, Carte Noir or Douwe Egberts (or a combination thereof), sleep has still been elusive. This is because it is TOO COLD! I have been spending my evenings (and weekends) as a lame imitation of an Eskimo. But enough with the sleep-deprivation and the blue fingers, on to something a bit more interesting.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to see Immortals, at a special screening, the day before it was released. I was really looking forward to it because I immensely enjoyed 300, which was made by the same people. Like my friend Emily (see her blog here), I enjoy a good film. I don’t generally analyse films in the same way – but then she has studied cinematography and visual effects, so it just comes naturally now. I just watch for fun. I’m also a “re-watch it because I found out about the goofs” kind of girl, rather than being a “goof” spotter. But, for the first time ever, I actually spotted a goof all by myself! Not wanting to spoil the film (and hopefully this wont), but there is a shield banging moment quite near the end and the bang sound is out of sync with the action. I’m hoping that this really is a goof and not just cinema employees being inept, otherwise it would just be embarrassing now I’ve announced it. All in all though, it was a reasonably good film. The effects were pretty cool, but can’t say it’s one that I would go out of my way to watch again. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I’d definitely suggest seeing it if Greek Gods and unbalanced battles are your thing. Oh and if the thought of seeing Mickey Rourke wearing a hood that makes him look like a human-sized Venus-fly trap (in my honest opinion) makes you crack a smile.

So, I suppose I should probably tell you a bit about what I actually do, degree wise. I study BSc Web Technologies and I’ve been learning all about PHP, JQuery, ASP.Net and lots of other fabulous web technology. Who’d have guessed, with a programme title like that? Anyway, over the last two years, I’ve discovered that I’m a reasonably competent programmer and have a new appreciation for all the truly amazing web pages out there that don’t rely on Flash. Being a third year, it’s less about learning new things and more about expanding on what I already know. This means really putting the last two years into practice. My final year project encompasses it all. I’ve made it pretty tough for myself, integrating a bit of HCI, with developing technology and a big dash of psychology. Watch this space for sporadic updates on the mammoth task that is my project.
Anyhow, thanks for reading my blog. I’d like to be able to say “Next time I’ll mostly be talking about...” but I have no real plans, except for Project, coursework, more Project, different coursework, even more Project, over the next few weeks... Until next time, when I will most probably be talking about “Project” :o)

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